Terms & Conditions

I request that Underwater Solutions d/b/a The Gas Boat and its employees and representatives fill my boat/personal watercraft with gas.  I authorize entry upon my property and on my boat/dock/hoist to allow fueling of my vessel.

I personally guarantee the above and any future charges; agree to pay all costs of collection, including , without limitation, attorney’s fees, filing and service fees, and that any dispute shall be venued in Iowa District Court for Dickinson County. There will be a 1.5% finance charge, or the maximum rate allowed by law, on all accounts 30 days past due.

I understand and agree that you will be capturing my credit card information and charging my credit card at the variable receiving rate at the time of service for the amount at which the gas prices are at the time of service.  I authorize you to use my information to contact me, including contacting me for marketing and business purposes.  All personal information provided is for the sole use of The Gas Boat and The Gas Boat will not share or sell this information with any other third parties.